Best WordPress User Registration Plugins

Do you want to use WordPress user registration plugins for your Website? User registration is essential for any website to protect the data of your users. With the user register plugin, you can let your users add comments, posts and view premium content on your website. Your users can create accounts and then they can participate in your website. By default, WordPress has its own user management features, but there are some limitations to it. Sometimes it gives admin area access to the users so you need to use a plugin to get rid of all the limitations. The plugin […]

How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress

Are you trying to create a separate page for blog posts in WordPress? The blog post is very important to connect with the audience. Besides, you can describe your services and offers through blog posts. You can also share tutorials about your products using the blog post too. WordPress will display your blog posts on your homepage by default. But if you want to be regular in blog posts then you need to have a separate blog post page. So here in this article, we will show you the easiest way to create a separate blog post page for your […]

How to create a WordPress popup based on Location

Are you trying to create a WordPress popup based on your business location? Creating a popup in your WordPress website based on your location can increase your sales and conversion. If you run a location-based business then this process brings a huge advantage for you. Even nonlocal businesses will also be benefited from the location-based popup feature. This process is called location-based marketing. With this process, you can send offers and promotions for the users of a specific location. Suppose you are running a local business so you can set a popup for the location near your shop so that […]

Ways to determine your WordPress theme performance

Do you want to improve your WordPress theme performance? Here in this article, we will guide you on the ways to determine your WordPress theme performance. WordPress themes come with very powerful features and functionalities to help you customize your website as you want. You need to take the best from your theme. Here we will discuss some ways that help you to understand how well your theme is performing. Ways to determine your WordPress theme performance Used Plugins There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress to enhance your WordPress features and functionalities. Every day new plugins are coming […]

How to design your website with a WordPress theme

Looking for a way to design your website with a WordPress theme?  If you want to start your new website and try to design your website with a WordPress theme then this article will help you. If you are a beginner and have less coding experience then the easiest solution for you is to use a pre-designed WordPress theme. There are many free and paid pre-designed WordPress themes available. You can find many popular free WordPress themes with advanced features and functionalities. Set up your website need, focus, and then based on your need you can choose a theme. Choosing […]

How to restrict author for any specific category

Looking for a way to restrict authors for any specific category? Here in this article, we will show you the easiest way to do this task. When you are running a website that has too many authors then it is very important to restrict specific authors to access selected categories.  You can set the authors to limit so that they can work only in their assigned category. Importance of restrict author  For a multi-author website, it is very important to select the proper category for content. But as there are many authors on your website, there will be too many […]

How to Fix Too Many Redirects Error in WordPress

Looking for a way to fix too many redirects error in WordPress? Too many redirect errors is one of the common WordPress problems every user faces. Some plugins or incorrect settings may cause this problem most of the time. If your website is facing too many redirect errors, you don’t need to panic. Your website is just stacked in a redirection loop. Here in this tutorial, we will discuss how many errors happen and how to solve it. What is Error too many redirects? When a web browser isn’t able to connect to the server of your website, ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS happens. […]

How to disable image attachment pages in WordPress

Are you trying to disable the image attachment pages in WordPress? WordPress creates a single page for every media file by default. So every media attachment on your website has its own separate page. But it looks like an incomplete page which can give a negative impression to the users. Sometimes website owners link their image to the attachment pages but it doesn’t look good. If your theme doesn’t have the image attachment pages so you need to disable it manually. Sometimes your website any image can get popular and users land on the image page but users should land […]

Best WooCommerce CRMs for your WordPress store

Do you want to know the best WooCommerce CRM for your WordPress store? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management software which helps you to manage customers, improve relationships with the customers, increase audience engagement, and create a better experience with the customers. CRMs can perform for all types of business. How large or small your business is there are enough CRMs available for small businesses as well as businesses to handle millions of contracts and customers. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best WooCommerce CRMs for your WordPress online store. Why are WooCommerce CRMs […]