The privacy and the security of the information shared by the user is highly prioritised by ThemeRox. We want to ensure that the user feels comfortable sharing their information when they use ThemeRox website. It is important for the user to understand how the information is collect, used and maintained by ThemeRox.

By using the Service, we assume that the user is complying with our privacy policy.

Fundamental Principles

We respect the user’s privacy and hence we strictly follow the Fundamental Principles given below.

  • ThemeRox doesn’t ask for the user’s personal information unless it’s highly required.
  • ThemeRox doesn’t share the user’s personal information with anyone except for the cases where we have to comply with the law, to develop our Service, or for the protection of our rights.
  • Personal information is not stored in our servers unless required for our Service.
  • ThemeRox doesn’t sell the users’ personal information to anyone.

Types of Information (Data) we collect

Personally Identifiable information

When a user purchases our product, we collect the following personal informations as part of the buying and selling process:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Contact information
  • The IP address used to during the purchase our product and access other informations
  • Please note that ThemeRox may store a cookie to validate the users’ identities.

Payment Information

When the payment information is provided by the user, it’s directly transmitted to PayPal or Stripe. In accordance with the payment processors’ privacy policy, the information is used and processed. The user’s payment information is never stored/saved by ThemeRox.

Non-Personal Information
ThemeRox collects the following anonymous information:

  • Certain statistical information
  • User’s browser type
  • Users’ referring pages
  • User’s use of our product
  • Pages viewed by the user
  • Purpose of collecting the User Information

The purpose of storing the data in our site is to be able to identify the user as our customer/subscriber/patron and to deliver notices/latest updates and other marketing materials to the user. As a visitor, the user is not allowed to purchase any product or subscribe to newsletter or make comments anonymously. Basically these datas collected be able to identify the user and to allow the user to take these actions on our site.

How long will ThemeRox retain your information
When the user registers for a ThemeRox account, the user information is stored for as long as the user doesn’t delete their account or unsubscribe from ThemeRox (subject to laws and regulations).

Who has access to your data

ThemeRox doesn’t share the user’s personal information such as name, email, contact details, etc with third parties (subject to laws and regulations). Only administrators of ThemeRox will have access to your data. Third parties cannot gain access to users’ data from us. The user will be able to review and delete their data whenever they choose to.


ThemeRox does not share, disclose, rent, sell or otherwise provide the user’s personal data to other companies for marketing of their products or services.

We may, however, in cases of the users purchasing our product, share the users’ information for only situations mentioned below:

As Required by Law

ThemeRox may disclose your information to third parties in response to a court order, subpoena, or any other governmental request.

Business Transfers

If in any case ThemeRox goes through a business transition, such as a merger, sale or acquisition of our assets, the user’s personal information, may be transfer as well as being part of the deal. However, other user informations will not be transferred for this situation.