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The Importance of website load speed

Are you wondering about the importance of website load speed for better conversion? This article will help you to understand the importance of website speed.

If you want to make success using your website then you need to deliver the best user experience. You need to offer a fast-loading website for your customers. Your website speed has a huge impact on your success. If your website takes much time to load then no one will wait for it. Your user just leaves your website and never comes back. No one wants to waste their time on a slow-loading website.

On the other hand, if the users find all the information they want easily and fast then it makes a very positive impression about your website. You can turn your users into your valuable customers by providing a better user interface.

Importance of website speed

Impact on Google ranking

Website speed has a direct impact on Google ranking. Website speed is one of the most important key factors Google considers to rank your website. In Google algorithm, it recommends how fast a website can load on both mobile and desktop devices. A slow-loading website has a negative impact on the users that can affect the advertisement. So Google will provide high importance to the fast-loading websites.


Website speed also has a huge effect on your conversion and user engagement. Most of the users want to stay on a high-speed website instead of a slow-loading website. The time a user spends on your website will increase the conversion rate. A high conversion rate is also getting a higher ranking on search results too. 

First impression

The first impression is very important for any company. When a user visits your website they can get an overview of your company and services. If your website is slow and laggy it will create a very negative impression and if the first impression is negative users won’t continue browsing your website.

If your website has a fast page speed you have already made a very positive impression. It can easily impress and satisfy your visitors. Users will think of your company as a professional and continue browsing your website.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of users who don’t view any other page after landing on your website. Bounce rate has a very serious effect on SEO too. If your website is not loaded in a few seconds users leave your website after landing your website. It will increase the bounce rate and that can hamper your website search ranking.

Factors that affect website speed

Page size

If you are using high-quality images, large CSS, and javascript files in your website then it will increase the page size. Larger page size has very serious effects on loading time. The larger the page size you have the more time it takes to load. More resources will take more loading time.


If you’re using a hosting service that is not capable of taking too much load then it will affect your website page speed. So you need to choose the hosting provider carefully.

Wrapping Up

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