WordPress theme performance

Ways to determine your WordPress theme performance

Do you want to improve your WordPress theme performance? Here in this article, we will guide you on the ways to determine your WordPress theme performance.

WordPress themes come with very powerful features and functionalities to help you customize your website as you want. You need to take the best from your theme. Here we will discuss some ways that help you to understand how well your theme is performing.

Ways to determine your WordPress theme performance

Used Plugins

There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress to enhance your WordPress features and functionalities. Every day new plugins are coming out so it’s very difficult to find out which plugins are best for your site. Using the perfect plugin can help you in many ways. You can add additional features and functionalities with a single line of code with the plugin.

You can see our plugin review from here that will help you to find out the best plugins for you day to day task required in your website.

Factors your theme is using

You need to find out what factors affect your theme performance. There are so many things to consider to find out the factors. You can find out how well the theme is performing by analyzing the reviews of the theme. You can also see its features, functionalities, documentation, and demo to find out how well it will perform.

Page load speed

No one is waiting for your website to load. If the user finds that it takes more time than normal to load your website they will leave your website and bever come back. In a survey, it says that a page that takes 2 seconds to load has 4 times less bounce rate than the page that takes 5 seconds to load.

If you want to make your visitors into your customers a fast-loaded page is a must. A slow page will give a negative impression to your users at a first glance. Using unoptimized images can slow down your website. You need to use optimized images before uploading them to your website.

Page Response in your WordPress theme

You need to find out how well your popular posts are responding to your website. You can see all of your created posts on Post > All Post page. From this page, you need to find out your most popular posts.

Active WordPress caching

WordPress caching is very important to make a website load faster. You need to enable your WordPress website cache so that browser can store information from your website. When a users request access your website browser will load the website from cache so it will load your website faster.

There are lots of caching plugins available for WordPress. You need to choose the right one for your purposes.

Use correct image format

Always try to use the appropriate image format. Image is very important for your website so use it properly. You also need to use the optimized image so that it can take less space on your website. If your image size is too high then it will slow down your website speed.

Wrapping up

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