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Things to know before getting a PSD to WordPress conversion service

Are you looking for the best PSD to WordPress conversion services but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we are here to help you by explaining what PSD to WordPress services are, what you need before started and what you get from a PSD to WordPress services.

This article is all about PSD to WordPress services and you will have an idea about what you exactly require and what you get. So, let’s start.

What is PSD to WordPress Service?


PSD is the short form of PhotoShop Design. Photoshop is the most popular tool for designers and most of the websites are designed using Photoshop. Designers can make the design of your website using Photoshop and that Photoshop file of your website is called the PSD.

A PSD to WordPress services means converting a PSD file into WordPress. It converts the PSD design of your website into a fully functioned and featured WordPress theme. It converts a design into a WordPress theme with all the features and functionalities it has.

Why do you need a PSD to WordPress services?

If you want a website for your business or personal use you can create it in different ways. You have a lot of available. First, you need to choose the platform. WordPress is the most used CMS and 32% of the entire websites available online are using WordPress. So you can imagine the popularity of WordPress.

Every day almost 50k+ WordPress websites are coming online. So you need to make your website unique and professional to compete with others. You can make your WordPress in many ways like you can build it with a scratch or you can use any WordPress theme based on your purposes.

If you choose a theme it will not properly describe your business on the other hand if you want to make it yourself you need to have proper codding knowledge and time. You need to give so much effort to make your website alone. It seems to be a very hard task and most people are not able to do this.

So, the possible solution for your problem is to hire services by whom you can make your website, and here you need the PSD to WordPress conversion.

To make your website you need to have a design of your website. You can hire someone to make the design based on your business and your requirements. When your design is complete then the PSD to WordPress services you hire turns the design into live-action. The will make your design as a working Working WordPress theme where you can implement all the features and functionalities you have.

What you get from the service

When you hire someone to convert your PSD file into a WordPress website you need to provide the design file as well as you have to describe the features, functionalities, and requirements. Besides if you want any additional services you should also mention that before hiring the services. Based on your business you can have your own requirements like-

  • The website should be SEO optimized
  • Translation ready
  • Mobile friendly
  • Clean code
  • Fast performance
  • Using popular framework or page builder

These are some of the common requirements for a conversion project. You can add any requirement you want. You will get the full working WordPress theme file of your website which is ready to install at the end of the services.

What you don’t get

Actually, these things vary from different service companies. But for normal PSD to WordPress services doesn’t include the following-

These services are not including for the conversion services but if you add this requirement before hiring a team they can do it for you. It depends on the service provider.

Wrapping Up

Hope this article will give you a proper understanding of PSD to WordPress services You can check our services too. We are a specialized WordPress Elite theme development team who are providing custom WordPress site/theme-making services for those who really need pixel-perfect PSD to WordPress conversion. You can see our other articles to learn Everything you need to know about PSD to WordPress in 2021

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