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WooCommerce features to improve website’s UI

Looking for a way to use WooCommerce features to improve websites’ UI. Here in this article, we will discuss the common WooCommerce features that will help you to improve your website’s UI.

Your website is not just some pages with information it will represent your business and services. You can do a lot more things using your website. It’s the digital presence of your business brand. If you are running an online shop then you have to manage everything through your website.

For an online shop user interface is also very important. If your visitors won’t be able to find products, see product information, and order products easily then they will not come back to your website again. If you can provide them with a better user interface that can easily attract them and make them come back to your shop.

WooCommerce is the number one eCommerce solution right now and it offers so many features and functionalities to run your shop smoothly. But you need to be very conscious about your website UI before applying any features. Cause if it makes your website UI broken or unable to use then it will not be a very good practice. So let’s see the WooCommerce features that will help you to improve your online store user interface.

WooCommerce features to improve website’s UI

Product Quick view

WooCommerce offers you powerful features and functionalities to run your online show easily. It also makes your shop flexible and customizable. You can use the WooCommerce quick view plugin to provide a better user experience to the customers. Your users can see your products quickly with available information. Customers can navigate from one product to another using the next and previous product buttons. It will create a very positive impression about your online shop.

WooCommerce template

There are a lot of WooCommerce templates available that you can implement in your online shop easily. WooCommerce templates are fully compatible with WordPress so you can add additional features and functionalities in your online shop to enhance your website appearance. You can use the WooCommerce templates to make your online shop more attractive. The more flexible your shop, the more customers you can attract.

Customizable return policy page

Return and refund policy can also provide a better user experience to your customers if you can customize it properly. These features will allow your users to take easy return and refund policies. You can add customer feedback, customer review, and rating features there. This can also be helpful to other customers looking to make purchases from your site.

It’s not a professional way that a user buys your products and leaves a bad review. For this reason, adding a returns and policy page makes your customer happy and satisfied.

Better sales pages

A selling page is also very important to sell products online. The selling page needs to be very flexible so that users can find their desired products easily. You can make your selling page with more engaging and useful information so that users don’t need to search for anything. They can find all the important information easily in one place.

On your selling page, you need to make sure that all the information is available and the order button can be easily visible. You need to encourage your users to buy your products at the first impression.

Wrapping Up

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