Best WordPress Social Media Plugins

Do you want to use the best WordPress Social Media Plugins for your website? Social media plugins is very useful for any WordPress website to share any content or embed social media with website. It is very difficult for new website owner to choose the best social media plugin according to their plan. A lots of social media plugins available which makes the confusion to chose the perfect one for you. Here in this article we will discuss about some of the best WordPress social media plugins and about their pros and cons so that you can make decision to […]

Best WordPress Backup Plugins for 2021

Are you looking for the best WordPress Backup plugins for your website? Backup is very important for your website. For your website security you need to backup your website regularly.¬† Backup can make your website safe for any sudden incident. If you have a backup then you can retrieve your website data for any sudden crashes or hacked. It will help you to keep your contents and files safe. Anytime a website can be a victim of malware or cyber attack, that’s why you need a plugin that backup your data so that you won’t loose it. Backup plugin help […]

How to Install WordPress – The 2019 Guide

A free software to design websites that is also ridiculously easy to use sounds too good to be true. However, the former perfectly describes WordPress. This program is as exciting as the name sounds (Say it out loud thrice). WordPress is an open-source software for personal and business use alike to design websites and blogs. With over 60 million websites in use since its 2003 release, WordPress is inarguably one of the most popular web page development tools. Today, it powers almost 30% of the entire internet. If you are looking for a DIY solution to create and operate a […]